**Swimming change** School Wide Swim is now Thursday, December 18th 10:40 - 12:30 PM
Mrs. Quilty's K/1 - Leaves

Upcoming Events at North Canoe

17      Wednesday               Xmas Craft Stations 10:15 ā€“ 11:45 &
12:30 ā€“ 2:00 p.m.
18      Thursday                        Swim at pool 11:00 ā€“ 12:00 p.m.
                 15-18    Mon. ā€“ Thurs.        First Term Reports sent home to parents
           19      Friday                       Last day before Winter Vacation

        05      Monday          School Reopens
        06      Tuesday         Winter Rec. K-2 skating 9:15 ā€“ 10:15 am
        06      Tuesday         Winter Rec. Gr. 3-5 XC Skiing @ Larch
        13      Tuesday         Winter Rec. K-2 skating 9:15 ā€“ 10:15 am
        13      Tuesday         Winter Rec. Gr. 3-5 XC Skiing @ Larch
        20      Tuesday         Winter Rec. K-2 skating 10:15 ā€“ 11:15 am
        20      Tuesday         Winter Rec. Gr. 3-5 XC Skiing @ Larch
        22      Thursday                PALS Numeracy 8:45 ā€“ 10:45 a.m
           27   Tuesday                Winter Rec. Gr. 3-5 XC Skiing @ Larch
       26-30   Mon-Fri         Family Literacy Week

North Canoe Mission Statement

The purpose of North Canoe School is to enable all learners to to develop their individual potential and acquire the   knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a healthy and caring  society.

Swimming Change
On Friday, December 12th, we were scheduled to go swimming as a school at the Salmon Arm Rec Centre. Unfortunately due to a scheduling mix up at the pool, we are unable to go that day.

However, we are still able to go swimming; just on a different day and time. Our new swim day and time is Thursday, December 18 from 11:00 ā€“ 12:00.

Permission forms have already gone home prior to the date/time change and many have already come back. To save paper, Iā€™m asking you to fill out that permission form and return it to the school. All the other information on the form is correct; just a new date and time as noted above.

Because of the new swim time, lunch eating time and play time will happen after we come back from swimming. Teachers will schedule snack time at their usual recess time but will encourage students to have a larger snack as lunch will be later than usual. If you have any questions, please ask at the office or phone me at the school. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Shawn Weeks
email: sweeks@sd83.bc.ca
Shannon Martinson
email: nca@sd83.bc.ca